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The ultimate tattoo site for free tattoo designs and also free tattoo ideas.

Free Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Angelina Jolie's Tattoo
See images of Angelina Jolie with tattoos.
You can find tattoo designs and pictures in their
professional designer's gallery. This site has a very wide
range of tattoo categories. They covers Alternative, Animals,
Bionic, Cartoons, Celtics, Cover ups, Dark Images, Eastern
Culture, Fantasy, Horoscopes (signs) and much more..

Thailand Tattoo Center Hua Hin
They have thailand tattoo pictures, a tattoo school, a
tattoo gallery and tattoo machines.

deviantART: Tattoo Gallery
A gallery with millions of uncategorised tattoo images.

Celtic Tattoo Art (Image gallery)
There are few interesting celtic tattoo art on this

Body Painting Gallery
A great gallery of bodies with tattoo. A MUST look if
you are interested to get yourself a tattoo.
A place to find tattoo pictures, tattoo studios, tattoo
conventions, first tattoo stories, chinese translations,
tattoo tv and also custom tattoos.

Imperial Tattoo Sample Page
Another site with lots of sample tattoo images.

Tattoos By Design (free)
This site offers flash tattoo designs, tattoo
ratings, name or word translation for tattoos and
also celebrity tattoo gallery. They are all free!

Mr Free Free - Tattoo Designs
You can find a long list of Free Tattoo Designs sites here on
this single page. They also included some piercing info sites.

Tattoodles - Tattoo & Body Art Resource
They claimed to be the #1 source for all your tattoo
design needs. Their tattoo galleries contain the highest quality flash
featuring tribal, kanji, floral, traditional, Japanese,
Celtic, animal tattoos, fantasy art and tons more!

A regularly updated tattoo news site. You can find all latest
about tattoo on this site.

The Vanishing Tattoo
A site mainly on tribal tattoos, tattos design and
tattoo pictures
This site is providing designs for butterfly tattoo, dragon tattoo,
fairy tattoo, tribal tattoo, celtic tattoo or cross tattoo,
sun tattoo, a star tattoo, a flower tattoo or an angel tattoo,
armband tattoos, heart tattoos, lower back tattoos and dolphin

Tribalectic Body Piercing Community
A very good piercing community to discuss all about piercings!

More FREE tattoo design sites coming up soon!